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Websites I manage

Technology Used Across Multiple Websites

There is a bunch of tools, frameworks and utilities I use for developing across many websites.
The following list shows the most relevant ones I use across multiple websites.


Server Features

Online Tools

Development Programs

So... Which websites do I have to care about?


Well... That's my own website. Thus it uses very uptodate features and serves as a playground for trying out different strategies of designing websites or organizing the underlying code.

HTML/CSS Features

Data on support for the mdn-css__selectors__adjacent_sibling feature across the major browsers

Data on support for the mdn-html__global_attributes__is feature across the major browsers

Data on support for the mdn-api__ShadowRoot feature across the major browsers

Data on support for the template feature across the major browsers from caniuse.com


This website lists and provides access to all events the associations that are settled in the small bavarian village Traunwalchen organize. This allows these associations to exchange their plans about future events and to avoid overlaps between them.


That's the online representation of the bavarian Trachten association D´Traunviertler Traunwalchen e.V.. It contains many news and pictures about current or upcoming events, their history and their youth work.


To be precise I do not manage the main domain. I just implemented the web application which resides on this specific subdomain.
This web application allows to register and organize all people that help and contribute to a big event in the year 2021 where two bavarian associations celebrate their birthday together. You may also want to check out the people of black-bulb.com that made the actual main website.


The official website of the music school of the city Freilassing in Bavaria.


The official website of the organization Aktion gegen Bierzelt-Sexismus that fights sexism resulting from singing and playing sexist songs at big public events. Their goal is to create an awareness about the sexist content of these songs.

Discontinued websites


The online presents of a classical orchestra that supports and promotes teenagers to make music and have fun together. Some of them started even a career as musician.

As of 2020 this website got replaced by https://chiemgaujugendsymphonieorchester.wordpress.com which is managed by someone else.